Check Out Zoey’s Epic “Princess Skateboarder” Halloween Costume

Check Out Zoey’s Epic “Princess Skateboarder” Halloween Costume

Back in September I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween so I could get started on their costumes. At first Zoey told me she wanted to be a Rainbow Princess, after hearing Ada say Pink Princess, but a couple of days later I saw her watching the Princess Skateboarder video again on Homer and asked if she wanted to be Princess Skateboarder instead. She immediately latched onto the idea and loved it. Looking back a rainbow princess would’ve been much easier as we still had a rainbow dress from a Costco unicorn costume I bought the previous year that would’ve worked amazingly. That said Prince Skateboarder needed to be made and, as I couldn’t find anything online, I wanted to share what I did in case you’re also looking for ideas for Princess Skateboarder.

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This post is a general overview of Zoey’s Princess Skateboarder costume for Halloween 2021. Before posting this I shared four other posts going over how I put together and created the other parts of her costume. Here they are in case you want to learn more about each one of them:

Just a quick aside if you don’t know who Princess Skateboarder is you’re in for a treat. It’s a short two to three minute video on the app Homer. Searching for Princess Skateboard; however, brings up the video on their website so you can easily enjoy the story yourself. In case you haven’t watched it I’ll give you a brief overview. The townspeople around the princess have all fallen asleep except for her. The dragon notices she’s not sleeping and sticks her in a tall tower out of the way. She knows she needs to save everyone so she creates a skateboard from a knight’s shield, two sets of scrolls (wheels on axels), and a necklace. She then gets hurt and tears her dress but won’t give up! She takes apart the knight’s armor behind her gaining a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads and thus makes her safe enough to go skateboarding out of the tower. On the journey to the town she needs to add a sail to her skateboard to cross the moat, using the ripped piece of her dress, and then does tricks to cause the birds flying around her to tweet loudly thus waking up the townspeople and saving the day. It’s adorable!

Screenshot of the Princess Skateboarder video about to be played from Zoey's iPad.
I quickly snapped a photo of the Princess Skateboarder video before Zoey could press play allowing me to look it up later and take screenshots to compare the eventual costume against.

Anyway when I suggested the idea of Princess Skateboarder to Zoey I wasn’t thinking about how we were going to make each part of the costume come to life. Instead I was remembering how long she’s loved the Princess Skateboarder video and knew that she’d love this costume too. In fact three years ago, after using this very dress to make her a firetruck costume, I had considered tying pink fabric around the dress so Zoey could be Princess Skateboarder around the house although I never did got around to doing it. Zoey was so in love with this costume idea that later, when making her a pumpkin-themed dress, she refused pockets as Princess Skateboarder doesn’t have any.

Image shows all the parts of the costume laid out on the kitchen table.
With all the parts finished it looked amazing laid out on the table! This included an old dress, store-bought safety pads, a Dollar Tree tiara, and three homemade items: the skateboard, helmet, and sail!

The Final Costume

With all the pieces done and Halloween approaching it was time to have Zoey try them all on together. Actually, her school needed a photo for their virtual parade so it was the perfect time to get some photos for my blog too. Zoey got to choose her favorite photo for school and I got to have an array of photos of her in her costume. Win for all of us!

Zoey standing barefoot on the floor in her red dress, pink sash, elbow pads, and knee pads.
Started out putting on her dress, adding the pink sash, and attaching the safety pads. I’ve previously shared about the outfit and sewn sash here and mentioned the Amazon-ordered safety pads in the helmet post.
She's now wearing the same outfit as before but a homemade prop skateboard sits on its end as she holds on to the top.
Next was the true to scale knight’s shield turned skateboard. I shared how I used cardboard, mod podge, an electric carving knife, and paint to create it in this post.
Now she stands on the skateboard with her knees bent and her arms out.
I added the helmet, shown in the next photo, and got her to try to ride the skateboard so the photos would look more realistic.
Zoey is now crouched in her dress, wearing her helmet, holding onto the mast of the sail turning the skateboard into a boat.
Finally I surprised her with the felt sail so she could place the tip in the skateboard and sail away. I posted about the sail here.
Same outfit and accessories as before but now she's standing with her knees bent. One hand is on the top of the mast keeping it in place while the other hand rests on her knee.
I mentioned that she should stand while holding the tip of the mast and got this cute image.
Image is taken from above looking down at her holding the skateboard upright with one hand the mast with another.
She loved that she was now Princess Skateboarder!

With Covid we decided not to trick-or-treat and instead hung out at a friends house were the kids got to search for candies in the backyard and have an awesome time. As such we didn’t need to worry about the accessories being bulky or the helmet covering her eyes as we could simply take it off and leave it in a pile. If we had been trick-or-treating this would have been different.

Face Mask

Going into this I knew the girls were going to dress up for school and as such I wanted to make them each a custom face mask to go with their costumes. I decided on two new masks each and started planning on incorporating the birds I failed to make earlier by adding them to Zoey’s mask. While I was cutting the fabric out Zoey asserted that she wanted to decorate the masks herself but then got bored with the idea after only decorating a small piece of fabric. As Halloween approached I debated just skipping custom masks but remembered how much Zoey still loved her pumpkin mask from the previous Halloween and decided it was worth the trouble.

For Zoey I planned to make two masks that she could, as we originally planned, decorate so I cut out the front and side pieces of the Iris Luckhaus pattern we loved with white woven fabric. For the inner layer I decided to use the Halloween scraps leftover from the previous year. If you’re curious about this mask pattern you can find it here although I previous shared it when I reviewed the three mask patterns I’ve sewn and shared it again while going over the back to school mask caddy I made for the girls. Anyway after cutting out the fabric I gave Zoey the fabric pieces and fabric markers so she could decorate her Halloween masks however she wanted. Then Ada pulled her away to play and Zoey lost interest in the project… leading to me picking it up. I wanted to draw the skateboarding Princess Skateboarder so people might recognize her costume without all the props at school and I wanted to include the birds that helped wake all the townspeople. As such I grabbed two screenshots of the video, one showing her skateboarding and the other showing the birds, and printed them out in various sizes so I could use them to trace the Princess onto the fabric using my light box.

Collage of four images. From top left clockwise: 
1. Fabric laid out beside the rotary blade and pattern.
2. The fabric laid out next to the fabric markers, printed screenshots, and light table. The fabric is white except for the small drawing Zoey made. 
3. The phone is laid out next to the light table so I can trace what I can see through the paper while consulting with the original image. 
4. Same sketch setup as 3 but now it's showing the birds being added behind the princess.
I picked out the fabric, cut it according to the pattern, traced the princess and birds onto the fabric, and colored in any blank spaces.

I ended up using the exact same image to add the Princess to either mask but used the smaller version of it for one and the larger version for the other. On the larger version I also added a hint of the ground, birds, and musical notes around her. On the smaller one I sketched in a bit of the background along with the birds. I then took the two side pieces and added birds to two of them making the birds face inward toward the princess. To the other side pieces, including the one with Zoey’s drawing, I added musical notes to match with the rest of the mask and tie in her drawing. Once done I pressed the fabric to set the ink and sewed up the two masks according to the directions.

Collage of three images. The top row has two images side by side while the bottom is one image all the way across. From top left across. 
1. All the sketched fabric laid out on a white towel to be ironed. 
2. The fabric is laid out with the liner and you can see how it's split up.
3. The final masks side by side with white elastic through the channels.
I then pressed the fabric to set the ink, matched up the pieces to form two unique masks, sewed them together, and added elastic.
Image shows a closeup of the lower half of Zoey's face and her shoulders while wearing the dress. The mask shows a creased Princess Skateboarder surrounded by bluebirds and musical notes.
Zoey absolutely loved both and now she has two more masks in rotation!


The girls were able to dress up for school but weren’t allowed to being any accessories that may get lost or distract the kids from learning. This included most of Zoey’s costume. As such I pulled out the tiara and explained to Zoey that she’d have to go to school as Princess Skateboarder before, or after, she saved the town. I worried that the cheap tiara would fall off or distract Zoey so that morning I braided her hair in such a way that the tiara would be secure and comfortable. Although it was hard to get the hair through the tiara I’m glad I did it as Zoey absolutely loved the final look. She also didn’t ask me once throughout the day to take it out showing that it was either comfortable or she just loved it that much. Anyway if you do the same I grabbed a crochet hook at one point to help thread the hair through the holes in the crown. That helped a bit but next time I definitely plan to hunt down a larger crochet hook the night before so it’s way simpler. As a quick aside, if you are planning on attaching something to your child’s head, when Ada was back in kindergarten I used floral wire and pony tail ties to help attach a plastic dinosaur to her head. That said she asked me to take it out the second I picked her up from school.

Image is a collage of two images. The one on the left shows the safety pin attaching the dress right under the silver to the bottom of the pink sash. The sash is folded down to better show how it works.
When planning her costume Zoey was adamant that she didn’t want the silver belt on the front of her dress showing. As such I planned to use safety pins to keep the pink belt attached over the silver on the front of her dress. I ended up using three along the bottom and one at the top center so that the top wouldn’t flip down. I didn’t add any to the back as there was no silver there.
Image shows Zoey from the neck down with her red dress on and mask around her neck.
When laying out her clothing the night before she chose pink pants and mismatched pink socks to go with the outfit. She also decisively chose which mask she preferred.
Image is taken from above looking at the french braid pony that is holding the crown in place on
The photos I took that morning are a bit blurry so I figured I’d share a photo of the hairstyle after a fun day at school instead. I started out by pulling two strands of hair from the front of her head through the tiara. I then started french braiding her hair grabbing the new sections from either inside the tiara or, carefully, pulling the strands through an opening in the tiara to get to the braid. Zoey likes the top elastic from her mask to lay on a pony so I finished the braid with her go to pony. Between the orange sweater and her pink pipe cleaner bracelets this costume doesn’t look as Princess Skateboarder as the others but she adored it.

Although Zoey didn’t really wear her costume with all the accessories for too long I’m glad I made it. She loves the idea of being Princess Skateboarder and I love that I was able to make it happen for her. Who knows… maybe she’ll be asking for a real skateboard at some point and I’ll be recreating a more realistic version of this outfit in the future. That said for now I just hope that she pulls out the pieces to play with every now and then.

Anyway, this is what Zoey was for Halloween this year. What did you, or your kids, dress up as? Was it simpler, harder, more portable than this? I’d love to hear about it so feel free to share in the comments below. I hope you’re having an awesome day.

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