I Sewed Up Three Free Face Mask Patterns and Here Is My Takeaway


My name is Kyra and I’m a computer programmer that decided to stay at home with my two beautiful daughters: Ada and Zoey. I created this website to share with you anything I come across in my day to day life that I think you may enjoy.

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  1. December 30, 2020

    […] beginning of the week I finished making a fanny pack (or bum bag), then followed it up by making my first set of face masks using the Craft Passion pattern, and then finally rushed to finish the Expedition Tote by Swoon […]

  2. March 15, 2021

    […] months ago I was looking for a way to corral all of our masks into one simple to grab spot but I wasn’t quite sure what to use to accomplish this task. I […]

  3. November 10, 2021

    […] Ada was excited to dress-up as a pink princess at school the Friday before Halloween even though she couldn’t bring her wand along with the costume. As the girls wear masks to school I decided to make Ada a new Iris Luckhaus mask to go with her costume but I didn’t have any pink woven fabric. Rather than buying fabric for just a simple mask I decided to go through my fabric stash with Ada to see what she’d want. Ada absolutely adored the two glittery pink tulles I had, remnants from Joann’s years ago, and chose that over decorating a mask herself. As there were two different pink tulles we first decided to make her two masks using a white woven layer as the outer layer with the pink tulle overtop so the mask would be as safe as the other ones I’ve previously made. […]

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