Simply Customize It!

Image of the current App Icon.

Back when I first bought my reMarkable e-paper device I decided I needed to change out the custom templates and then I really wanted to switch out the sleep screen image. This led to me writing a couple how to posts (check them out here!), getting questions, and ultimately working on implementing an Apple app. I'm getting close to completing it and wanted to share in case you're looking for a simple way to change out your templates and screens too.

Current Information

Currently both the iOS and macOS version of this app are in TestFlight if you want to test them. You can access the link here. There's also more information about this app in the blog posts at the bottom of this page.

Future Updates

I also just created a new newsletter, called Simply Customize It, that you can sign up to and get any future updates. First you'll need to create a free account here, if you aren't already a member, or by hitting the subscribe button on the right side of the page. For more information about the updating your email preferences check this informational post out. The Simply My Blog newsletter lets you know about any general future blog posts.

Image shows a screenshot of the top of the homepage once the manage your emails button was clicked. Here there are three toggles. One for the blog updates, one for the app updates, and one to be notified by comments.
Once you create an account the top right "Subscribe" button becomes "Account". Click on it, then Manage your Emails, and then toggle which newsletter(s) you want.


I've posted both a privacy policy and a terms of user agreement for this app.

Image showing the app icon and the name of the app.

You can find all of my current reMarkable-related posts here.