My Artwork Over the Years

Back in high school I took part in fine art classes which allowed me to dabble in many things. Most of my created items and their photos were lost over the years but I have some of the objects still around me today.

Collage showing a two images. On the left is a red, orange, and yellow spiral with a black, green, and blue background. On the right is a winter scene showing a tree, a hedge, a deer, blue skies, and a squirrel.
The inspired by M.C. Escher spiral on the left extends from the canvas with the use of foam sheets while the landscape on the right was washed with a warm color before being painted with cool tones to help bring warmth into a cold scene. Both canvases were painted with acrylic paints.

With university, a job, and then kids I had less time, and later less room, to practice art. That said while pregnant with my first I pictured a canvas spread showcasing books we’d read together. With my second I decided to immortalize our favorite song A you’re adorable (originally heard through Sharon, Lois, & Bram) with a more educational canvas.

Collage showing a two images. On the left is a square canvas coated in blogs of characters from popular children's books including baby beluga, curious George, Narnia, Beatrix Potter, and more. On the right is a white, pink, purple, and blue marbled canvas with the alphabets in various 3D letters and lyrics of the popular "A you're adorable" song. I replaced I's lyrics with "You're the one I love so much".
Both paintings were sketched out before I used acrylic mediums to form the characters, on the left, and main letters, on the right. I then used acrylic paints and, on the right painting, finished by using a black oil-based pen to add the lyrics to go with each letter.

Although I didn’t spend as much time doing art over those subsequent years I have found the odd time to justify using art in others way. Before kids this including crocheting and spending time on personalized special occasion cards. The crocheting continued with kids and then morphed into fabric arts once I bought myself a sewing machine. Art also came up in other simpler ways like when I made our ice packs a bit more special.

Collage showing a twelve images of something crocheted. The center image is a crocheted doll on a toy surfboard. From top left clockwise the other images are a puzzle ball elephant, wire earrings, shawl, horse with hay, sea turtle, jellyfish, sleeping baby doll, puzzle ball turtle, potholder with criss cross decorations, puzzle ball, and another sleeping baby doll.
I haven’t crocheted in a while but I did make many items over the years including wire earrings for me and many amigurumi toys for the girls. You can check out my Ravelry page here if you want specific pattern or yarn links.
Collage showing a four images. The two outer ones show cards while the two stacked ones in the center show oil pen decorated square ice packs. The card on the left shows a drawn couple on an acrylic medium, beach while the card on the right shows a footprint decorated tree on a snowy hill with a snowman behind it under a blue painted sky.
I used art to create custom gifts when attending a friend’s wedding (left) or when making family cards one Christmas. When the girls wanted ice packs in bed to cool down I brought out paint pens to make them truly custom.

When I started sewing I found I loved combining art with my fabric creations whether it was for a quilt, quiet book, jewelry, clothing, or later face masks.

Collage showing a five images. The center one shows a purple quilt with hand drawn children and Doctor Who television scenes. The top right and bottom left images show a map-themed page with buttons attached. Top left is a snap-bead necklace with two custom unicorn beads while the bottom right shows another page with embroidered flowers and a bird above a colored green ground.
When I learned to sew I made the girls quiet book pages to try new techniques. This allowed me to branch out in other ways like creating truly custom button scenes or texturized embroider fun scenes. I also used a Peek-a-Book quilt pattern to jump start a television themed blanket akin to the storybook painting above. Also when Ada wanted unicorn pendants I made my own and attached it to beads she already owned so she could make, break, and remake her own jewelry.
Collage showing a nine images all involving clothing or face masks. From the left the top row shows two dress with dinosaur and unikitty, two shits showing two types of LEGO vehicles, back of a onesie showing Koko, and a face masks with a drawing of the wearer wearing the matching costume. On the bottom row is a long shirt looking like Doc McStuffins, a fabric cut and sewn on skeleton costume, a face masks with princess skateboarder, the front of the previous onesie with the front of the train drawn on, and two costumed themed face masks.
Over the years I turned to fabric markers to create truly custom clothing. This included LEGO inspired clothing matching the girls’ tastes when going to Legoland, custom costumes, and, with Covid, custom masks to go with their costumes. Above you see the images, in no particular order, representing the years they went as matching Chuggers from Chuggington, Doc McStuffins, skeleton, pink princess, princess skateboarder, pumpkin, and Wonder Woman.

That said over the years I did find time to go back to the more traditional canvases so, pre-kids, I could play with mixed media (acrylic medium, shells, quinoa, and tea), highlight family events, customize signs for holidays, or just because.

Collage showing a fifteen images showcasing 23 different canvases. Most are acrylic on canvas while some include tissue paper glued wooden letters, acrylic medium, shells, tea, and/or quinoa.
I loved playing with quinoa and tea to make realistic images (far right) and used real shells I’d collected to justify using acrylic medium to create four matching tidal pool images (bottom right). As signs for the girls’ bedroom door I used tissue paper to decorate wooden letters and hot glued them to a black painted canvas. I also used hand and foot prints to commemorate holidays and remember how small my girls used to be. Some of which I blogged about which can be found here: Covid handprint memory, Easter footprints, Valentines loved hand and footprints, Halloween footprint ghosts, Christmas scene, and sibling memory sign.

I love how art is always there throughout the years waiting for me to pull it out to add to projects big or small. I wanted to put them all in one place and hadn’t realized just how much I had made until it was all here.

Thanks for following along. Hope you're having an awesome day!