Our Amazing Halloween Costumes: Zoey's Black Cat

Our Amazing Halloween Costumes: Zoey's Black Cat

Last year, while figuring out Zoey’s black cat Halloween costume while shopping on Joann’s website, I came across several cute kitty headbands along with a spool of two inch fur trim that I knew would make a perfect cat tail. I combined those elements with some black knit fabric I already had on hand and some black store-bought staples to create the perfect costume!

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Backstory and Overview

From the beginning Zoey knew exactly what she wanted to be for Halloween. The only variation, over the month or two leading up, was specifying her hair style and adding a LEGO® ninja headband. Both of these elements were dropped on the morning of Halloween so she basically went with her first idea. After jotting all those individual elements into a single note on my phone I then decided to sketch out the final plan taking into account all the elements Zoey had listed. I was able to then show her the sketch to triple check that our visions matched up and I wasn’t forgetting any pivotal steps. This sketch was officially Zoey approved and I’m now sharing it for you here:

Image shows a sketch of Zoey's planned outfit with labels showing what each item is.
The sketch after getting Zoey’s preliminary ideas, figuring out how I’d implement it, and taking in her additions. I love the vision and how simple it turned out from the previous year’s Princess Skateboarder.
Image shows the back of Zoey's Black Ninja Rock Star Kitty costume.
When the costume was finished I asked if Zoey wanted to do a trial run for photos. This was still when she wanted her hair French braided and to include a LEGO® Ninjago headband.

The Parts of the Costume

Here’s where we bought some items and how we assembled the rest to create this costume.

Black Dress

Zoey’s favorite two dresses are both Ellie and Mac’s Sweetie Pie Tunic and Dress pattern so when I found out she wanted to be a black cat I knew this had to be the new cat outfit. I decided to go with a simple thin black knit I already had in my fabric stash. Then, while cutting the fabric, I made sure to also include the optional pockets and then, momentarily, considered adding a cute cat decal or something sticking out from one of those pockets. I put off the work of adding a mini cat which I’m so glad I did as later, when Zoey saw me cutting other fabric with cats on it, was appalled at the idea of it being for her as a cat can’t have a cat on it’s own skin!

Image shows the wrong side of the paper pattern laid out offset on the black fabric. The yellow chalk marking showing the pocket outline are obvious on the black fabric. The rotary blade and yellow chalk pen are both laid out at the bottom of the image.
I used my rotary blade to cut parts of the pocket out of the main pattern piece which made it easier, when cutting out the front bodice piece, to quickly mark the pocket with some bright yellow chalk.
Image shows a flat lay of the black dress on the tiled kitchen floor.
And with that Zoey had an awesome and simple black dress that worked for her black cat costume and whenever else she might want to wear it in the future.


I knew going into this costume that I had to make a tail but wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. One thing led to another and this incredible tail was born which even fits me! I’ve previously gone over how I put it together so you can check it out here.

Image shows the back of Zoey with a black curling tail descending from her black plush elastic waistband.
The wire is made from some faux fur trim, copper wire for posable-ness, and plush elastic for the belt. I love how quick it was to put together once I stopped putting off making it.


Through Amazon we purchased black rubber boots and kid gloves. Our go to place for leggings is Carters so when I realized we might not have black leggings I jumped on there too. While looking on Joann’s website for fabric I came across these adorable headbands with kitty ears already attached. I let Zoey choose and she went with the furry and sparkly Rock Star ones over the alternative lacey option.

Image is a close up of Zoey's head showing the furry and glitter encrusted black ears.
This headband turned Zoey’s costume from a simple Black Cat to a Black Rock Star Cat!

Whiskers and Nose

  • Materials: Watercolor Pencil Crayons

I bought a tin of water color pencil crayons years ago when I was still in middle school. I’ve since used them when I need whiskers or really anything else by dipping the tip of my pencil in running water and using it to draw directly on my face. This time around I put off looking for them, discovered my black was missing, pivoted to using an eyeliner or something, realized I no longer own any, and, after several other options, finally went back to the watercolor pencil crayons but switched to brown rather than black for the whiskers. Zoey was fine with the brown but chose to only have the whiskers before school, but later after seeing other cats around school decided to add a pink nose before trick or treating.

Final Costume

I absolutely adore how adorably cute this costume turned out! Zoey absolutely loved being a black cat.

Image shows the front of the costume from the neck down. In the photo Zoey is holding moving her tail around so it blurs while her hands are positioned to emulate paws.
Image shows the back of Zoey's lower half with her tail in a corkscrew shape.
The front of the costume once she tried to untwist the tail is it brushed the ground.

I absolutely adore how most of the costume elements can be worn on their own throughout the year without anyone thinking Halloween… especially after the time spent on the previous year’s Princess Skateboarder that wasn’t worn once after the main event.

I hope this helps you out whether you, or someone else, wants to be a black cat or something else. If it does I’d love to hear how in the comments below. Either way I hope you have an incredible day!

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