Use Sprinkles to Create a Fun Easter Themed Breakfast... And Some Other Ideas

Use Sprinkles to Create a Fun Easter Themed Breakfast... And Some Other Ideas

Last year on Easter weekend the girls asked me for an Easter themed breakfast which I hadn't planned. Luckily I had Easter themed sprinkles in the cupboard and bunny egg cups and thus this Easter themed meal was made.

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Easter Themed Sprinkle Toast

I've learned over the years that whenever the kids request a themed snack or meal and I draw a blank my collection of sprinkles can save the day. Looking back I feel like this was completely the girls idea for breakfast but I'm not quite 100% sure.

Anyway all you need to recreate this is bread, favorite spreads, and sprinkles. Bonus points if you happen to have an Easter themed egg cup (thanks Anna!).

After starting the toast toasting I got the girls to pick their favorite bunny egg cup which I filled with various chosen and surprising Easter-themed sprinkles.

Image shows two bunny shaped egg cups next to a large divided container of sprinkles.
The girls each picked their favorite bunny and I carefully put equal amounts of sprinkles into each.

Once the toast popped it was time for the kids to shine. They were each given a bunny, their toast, and optional peanut butter, cream cheese, jam, and bananas. Creation sensory time!

Image shows the girls decorating their toast with the jar of peanut butter and cream cheese between them. The bunnies sit facing the camera by the bananas and main sprinkle container.
The girls loved decorating their toast and using the sprinkles.

It was funny because both girls came up with completely different looking meals. Ada spread cream cheese on one slice and jam on the other then regulated the sprinkles to just the cream cheese piece before eating them separately. Zoey on the other hand loves to make toast sandwiches with a dollop of the spreads on top... so hers took a bit more time to create as it was more involved.

Image shows a piece of the cream cheese and sprinkled coated toast being held up while the remaining two pieces and bunny looks on from the blurred out background.
Ada went with simple toast and kept the sprinkles by itself or on the cream cheese one leaving the jammed toast unadorned.
One piece of toast is spread with cream cheese while the second one remains plain. The bunny is held up for the photo.
While Zoey went for a more in depth sandwich making process. 
The final sandwich is held up and opened for a photo both inside and outside.
She may have skipped on the jam but there were sprinkles inside and on top. 
Image shows a small piece of bread covered in sprinkles next to a blue sprinkle to the side. A finger is pointing down at the bread so it's not missed in the photo.
I can't remember who it was but one of the girls demanded a photo of their final cream cheese and sprinkle laiden piece. 

Other Easter Themed Meal Ideas

Hardboiled Eggs

As a quick aside if you've already dyed some eggs and are looking for ideas on what to do with them you can check out these adorable deviled egg chicks I've recently blogged about.

Closeup of a white plate with the four chicks laid out and touching.
Although wonky the finished chicks were loved... and then eaten. And eye shaped sprinkles saved the day again!

Or on another note, since we've talked toast already, last year the girls came up with a themed breakfast idea while dying eggs on Easter. So the next day they had for breakfast, by request, crushed eggs on toast with a side of ketchup. Normally I prefer any other type of egg on my toast (like egg salad, poached, or fried) but what the kids want they got.

Image shows the girls side by side each with a plate of two pieces of toast and a bowl between for the egg shells.
They were slow moving that morning so the toast cooled as they peeled their favorite dyed egg.
Image taken from above shows a bowl of dyed egg shells with a plate on either side with toast, crushed yolks, egg white pieces, and ketchup.
Once peeled and checked for shells they squished the eggs into the toast and squirted ketchup on the side. They seemed to like it but didn't want to repeat this idea again.

Peeps and Yams

As another aside... since we're on the topic of Easter food. I had to share our side when I realized we had no marshmallows in our house. Normally I make mashed yams with butter, milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg so it's sortof pumpkin-pie like. My husband grew up with marshmallows broiled on top so I always put some in a casserole dish and have the girls keep an eye on it in the oven. This year we had no marshmallows as I had wrongly assumed we had a bag already. Luckily a friend had gifted us a package of Peeps so I pulled them out to surprise the kids and they absolutely adored broiling the peeps on their yams this year.

Image shows orange yams on a white plate with two brown topped yellow mounds surrounded by white.
They stopped looking Peep-ish right away and their white inside oozed out from the yellow casing but the girls and Matt thought it tasted great. 

And with that my food-related ideas from last year's Easter are used up. Hopefully this slightly random post helped you out and, if so, I'd love to know how especially if any ideas sound amazing for this year! Hope you’re having a great week!

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