My Past Design in the Giboard Contest

My Past Design in the Giboard Contest

I'm loving my portable slackline (GiBoard) and have been using it frequently at my standing desk. Lately it's become even more perfect after a long hike to stretch my feet out. I'm so happy I bought it and I haven't even learned any tricks on it yet!

As such, I jumped at the chance to design my own board and made sure to incorporate all the messages I want to frequently be reminded of. That said, it needs to win otherwise none of us can get it so please vote for it here under Design #5:

Now Closed. Contest Over.

The Design

Please note the actual design doesn't say SimplyKyra at the bottom. I added a watermark to this version.

And bonus... if it wins they'll open up the purchase of this custom GiBoard design so you can buy it too!

Now Closed. Contest Over.

Voting closes on October 19th, 2023!

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