Zoey's Great Mismatched Me Hairstyle

Zoey's Great Mismatched Me Hairstyle

Back near the end of the school year Zoey’s class had a theme day called Mismatched Me. I pictured mismatched socks and other clothing and hadn’t quite thought of hair… yet. Luckily Zoey came home from school the previous day with a fully formed hair idea (braid and pony tail) that I’m assuming was an example from her teacher. That idea became this mismatched hairdo that I needed to share as it’s so simple!

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First a quick aside. If you’re interested in other hair-related posts I’ve previously attached a toy to my kids’ head (see dinosaur or mermaid) along with fashioning bunny ears using four hair ties. You can check out these and any, potential, future hair-related posts under the tag hair.

Anyway, the day before Zoey when came home from school I asked her about Mismatched Me day and she told me she wanted a pony tail and a braid. When I heard braid I assumed French braid which I confirmed as I talked it over with her. That night I had her lay out two ponytail ties along with her clothing and mismatched socks and we were ready to go!

That particular morning, after brushing her hair, I sat her down and realized I should make it more mismatched by giving her a zig zag part. I grabbed a pencil and carefully zigzagged along her head separating the left and right sides of her hair. To make this easier I first tilted her head slightly to the left, left the hair on the left side loose, and used two ponytail ties to keep the hair on the right side out of my way.

Once the hair was parted and the right side was secured with the temporary ponytail ties it was time to start braiding the left side. I started by grabbing the front triangle of hair, split it into three, and started French braiding along her head. At the base, once I had used up all of the loose hair, I continued braiding and then secured it with one of ponytail ties from the right side of her head. Once completed I released the rest of the hair on the right side and carefully brushed it out so it was smoothed back down.

Image is taken from above looking down at Zoey's head. There's a zigzag part running down the center with the right side hair collected into two pink ponytails. The left side is French braided to the back top of her head as my left hand holds the strands in place.
I started out by parting her hair down the center and secured the right side so all of the hair was out of the way from the left. I then started French braiding while bringing in all of the hair on her left side of the part.
Image is taken from above and to the side so Zoey's loose hair is towards the camera as she looks to the right. You can see the zigzag and the braid on the backside.
Once I had collected all the hair into the French braid I continued braiding it until I couldn’t any longer and released one of the ponytail ties and used it to secure the end of the braid. I then released the other ponytail and brushed the hair carefully.

With the left side braided and done it was now time to make Zoey a pony on the right side. I carefully gathered all of the hair, positioned it where I wanted it to be, and brushed the hair towards the pony spot so it would be neat and tidy. Once I liked how it looked I secured it in place with the ponytail tie.

Image shows the back of Zoey's head as she looks up. The braid is finished, the zigzag part visible on the top, and the hair is all brushed back.
I started by brushing the loose hair back (pictured), gathered the hair up, positioned the pony up high on her head to help hold her face mask elastic in place, carefully brushed the hair smooth, and then used the hair tie to hold it in place.

And with that the hairstyle was done. She absolutely loved it when she looked into the mirror! And I absolutely loved how simple it was to do. Here are two final pictures of the final hairdo:

Back view of the finished hairstyle.
Top view of the finished hairstyle. Zoey's looking up and the photo is taken from the back.

And with that Zoey was ready for school with a hairstyle she rocked for Mismatched Me day. I hope this helps you regardless of which theme you’re trying to match. If it does I’d love to hear what you did and what theme it matched in the comments below.

Have a splendid day!

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