Simple IKEA Purchases Repurposed for Your Home

Simple IKEA Purchases Repurposed for Your Home

Last summer we had a long distance move and while setting up our new home I realized just how many items, mainly IKEA-sourced but extended to Costco and Dollar Tree too while writing, I had repurposed. I figured I could share them with you in case it's helpful in your home and just in case it leads to a helpful tip from you in the comments below.

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I have no affiliate with Ikea, Costco, or Dollar Tree. I was just shopping there for my home and thought these purchases may also be helpful to you.

I wasn't sure what the best order for these would be then decided to simplify it by categorizing the tip under its main room or activity and then sorted them alphabetically. You can use the table of contents at the side, computer, or top, phone, of the page to better navigate if you prefer jumping around.

And so without further ado here we go!


Bath Mat to Bedside

With our hardwood flooring I wanted something cozy when the girls' first get up in the morning. Something made me think of bath mats as I knew they'd be fuzzy and since they're meant to be used by the bathtub it would hopefully hold up better to being laundered. I didn't think of this while shopping at Ikea, though I grabbed a link for you to their bath mats, but instead let the kids pick theirs up from Costco when we went on a grocery run. They loved picking it out and I love how they're cozier and cheaper than the ones categorized under floor mats.

Image shows a green and blueish bath mat next to the bed with a sequined dragon leaned up on it.
I absolutely loved how it looked and felt when placed next to their beds.
Image shows a screenshot of four side by side listings all showing one or two packs of bath rugs ranging from $23.99 to $58.99.
At that time, August 25th, 2023, these were the choices when going online for Costco but there were tons of cheaper options in store.
Image shows the search results for Ikea bath mats. The first three results are shown side by side ranging from $7.99 to $14.99.
Here's some of the Ikea bath mats taken from their online store on August 25th, 2023.


Wire Market Baskets

I bought this item years ago from Costco picturing it full of produce on our counter but slowly realized that wasn't for me and downgraded one or both of them, at different times, to holding snacks on a shelf. It ultimately ended up storing workout equipment in the living room at our last home and now lives under my desk in our office with the same purpose.

Image shows the wire baskets stacked with different workout equipment inside.
I loved how it stacked so it seemed wrong splitting them up, like for pantry and countertop produce, so I ultimately used it to gather my infrequently used workout equipment together which now lives in our office.

Back in August I didn't see this online or at my local Costco but I'm sure something along these lines will show up again plus I could see maybe using the SORTERA recycling bins from IKEA for a similar purpose.

Image shows a collage of the wire market baskets from Costco.
This product no longer shows up on the Costco website so instead I found an image of it on CostcoChaser on September 25th, 2023. This original post was published on December 20th, 2019.
Image shows the 16 and 10 gallon SORTERA recycling bins.
Maybe something like the IKEA SORTERA recycling bins might also work? This screenshot was taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.


Plastic Bins for Easy Reach

While writing this post I realized that the way I use the plastic bins from the Dollar Tree may be worth including for you. Years ago I realized that if I used a plastic bin with larger holes to organize the items on my upper shelves I could easily get them down in one move by hooking my finger in the hole and pulling. Since the items were contained within the basket it was simple to choose what I needed and shove the whole thing back onto the shelf with neither step of getting it down or back up requiring me to pull over a chair to use as a stool. I've continued this trend over the years and now with a new home with taller shelves, a change from kitchen chairs to benches and stools, and the purchase of a kitchen step ladder I'm still taking this shortcut and even adding to it with the use of spatula handles in the basket hole when I'm too short to access the basket directly. Word of warning best to use lighter items or less filled baskets the higher you go in your cupboard.

Image it taken from below showing my hand reached up with my pointer finger hooked in a hole in the right basket with it a quarter slide out.
The girls' lunch items are tossed into one of the two wider Dollar Tree baskets above the stove and I can easily just stand on tiptoes to get the items down or push them back up.
Image shows a wooden stick in the basket hole with the basket pulled out two thirds of the way. Beside it sits a crepe pan with it's handle pointed away and another different colored but same style basket.
In the higher cupboards I still went with my basket idea but rather than pull over a step ladder I extended my reach by grabbing a spatula and using the handle to hook inside the basket and pull. On tip toes I can still raise and tilt the basket just enough to get it back on the edge of the shelf before pushing it in all the way. I actually use the same idea with the crepe pan next to it by catching the hole in it's handle, swinging it out, and pull it until it tips down and I can catch it.

Collapsable Bin For Fluctuating Produce Levels

With the wire market baskets now being used for my fitness equipment I needed to come up with another way to corral any countertop produce. Eventually I used a plastic bin but found it too cumbersome between shopping runs. Recently, February 2024, I found these collapsable baskets at my local Dollar Tree and although I wasn't sure how to use it I brought one home just to see how it worked. It has been amazing in my kitchen! It tucks out of the way when not needed and stores the perfect amount of produce with the benefit of air holes for circulation.

Image shows a flat basket all folded up with yams around it.
When not in use the basket folds up and I can tuck it out of the way.
Image shows the basket set up and filled with orange sweet potatoes and bananas.
And then after a grocery run I can open it up and store everything inside. Right now it's fitting my go to Costco purchase of 6.5 pounds of sweet potatoes topped with bananas.

Laundry Room

Plastic Bin for Dryer Lint

When I went to Ikea I had the hope of finding a mini garbage can with a swing lid that I could use in my laundry room for dryer lint.

Image shows the swing top garbage lids surrounded by baskets but no bases.
I was picturing something like this, on a bin, that I have since seen at my local Dollar Tree but as I already had the below alternate option and these didn't seem to have the matching bin I didn't upgrade the item.

I didn't see what I had imagined at Ikea but the second I saw this adorable 101 ounce HÅLLBAR recycling bin I knew I found an alternative solution. At the time I actually thought it was a compost bin until later when I looked up the link for you.

Image shows the bin next to its directions.
I started pulling off the sticker then realized I should snap a photo first.
Image shows the closed bin sitting on my dryer.
I keep it on my dryer so it's close by whenever it's needed.
Image shows the opened bin with some lint already inside. Beside it sits the opened lint trap about to be cleaned off.
Whenever I empty the dryer I make sure to check the lint trap too and love having an easy spot for it without fussing with the clothes and lint at the same time.

Towel Rod or Rail to Laundry Room Delicates

At our last home the main bathroom had a towel rail on the wall with several S-hooks hanging from it. Over time I started using both the rail and the hooks to dry our delicates, that couldn't go in the dryer, and found it especially helpful to finish drying our swimming suits. After we moved, especially with the amount of swimming we were doing, I bought some S-hooks for the garage so we could hang our life jackets but I really missed the inside towel rail for our swimming suits. Thus I was super excited when I went to Ikea and spotted the Brogrun, especially as I didn't know what they were called, but that weekend the store was busy, the kids were tired, and I couldn't find it in the market area. Luckily, one of the items we bought was missing a part so I went back the next day and came across another towel rail, the Voxnan, which was a style I liked better as it ended with rounded ends offering more space to hypothetically hang lightweight items off of. In addition to the towel rail I found a three bar towel holder that swings out and extends offering a collapsable drying area. I bought both and Matt put them in in our laundry room with the shelf right above my head and the three bar towel holder below.

Image show the VOXNAN product with an empty image, one bedecked with towels, and it's information.
I loved the towel rod to hang swim suits and, if you add on some S-hooks, you can hook things on it too. This screenshot of the Voxnan towel rod was taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.
Image show the VOXNAN towel holder with an empty image, one with a towel and scrubber, and it's information.
I loved this towel holder as I could keep it collapsed against the wall when it's not needed but still have that extra space. This screenshot of the three bar towel holder was taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.
Image shows the towel holder attached to the wall with the rods laid flat.
I love how it stays flush against the wall when it's not in use.
Image shows all three rods facing different directions and extended to different lengths with clothing on it.
Whenever we need it for a tutu, swim suit, or anything we can easily swing it out and extend the ends for a larger drying space that the kids can access easily too.
Image shows both shelf and swing out towel holder in use.
I set the towel rails up above each other with the shelf specifically above my head so it's out of the way and the bottom one low enough that I could use both at the same time when there's a lot of items to dry.

Since starting this blog post I've found that the swing out towel rod is especially helpful when folding my laundry. I sit on the floor while I fold and used to just lay out my clothing to hang after I'm done but now I simply swing the bar out and hang my clothing up as I go!

Image shows the laundry room with the clean unfolded laundry to the left, empty basket to the right, and empty hangers directly in front on the bar.
I bring hangers to the dryer so I can hang as I go.
Image shows the laundry room when folding with the basket for Matt's clothing, floor used for folding smaller items, and the rod used for my hanging garments and extra hangers.
And then once I'm done it's simple to grab and carry to the closet!

Play Room

Idea: Nightstand to Toy Kitchen Set

I haven't tried this idea but when we were looking at nightstands for the girls the BRIMNES nightstand yelled kitchen set at me. If they were any younger I would've bought it right then and there to turn it into a mini stove and oven combo.

Screenshot shows four images of the nightstand to the left with the details including colors on the right.
This is what the official BRIMNES nightstand looks like. Screenshot was taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.
Diagram including measurements for the nightstand and its drawer.
And here's what the diagram looks like. The drawer is the perfect oven that slides out and if I felt more crafty I could theoretically take the front off the drawer and attach hinges of some sort so it opens more like an oven door. This screenshot taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.

I had to sketch out an idea of what I was thinking in case you wanted to make it yourself. If you do I'd love to hear how it went in the comments below! After sketching out my idea I tried to look online for something similar but could only find this below image that linked to a sold out Etsy listing.

Image shows a black and white sketch of my vision of the stove and oven with a couple more steps to take it even further.
With that perfect oven looking drawer I had visions of cutting a hole in the top of the nightstand, gluing a metal bowl in, adding a faucet, making a simple curtain to hide the bottom of the bowl, and potentially adding small burners beside the sink.
Image shows a simple oven and stove playset with a vase of flowers, an alarm, and a basket. The right side lists it as belonging to AtkinsonCreations on Etsy.
I searched for a similar vision I could show you and found this image that I screenshotted from an online search on September 25th, 2023. It links to a sold out listing from AtkinsonCreations that seems to be no longer active.

If you want a different and potentially simpler kitchen set option in the past I've made an oven/stove out of a cardboard box, covered a side table in cardboard and filled it with boxes to be a full standing kitchen set, and later upgraded the top to be made out of fabric. I even added standalone cardboard shelving when we started accruing more kitchen tools.

Pool Toys

Onion Bag for Easy Carrying

Our new home is near a swimming pool that's possible to walk over to so I was on the lookout for anything that would make that walk or its toy storage even easier. As such when I found a set of two KUNGSFORS mesh bags in the kitchen area I immediately realized they could work for the girls to carry their pool stuff back and forth.

Image show the KUNGSFORS mesh bags with two images and it's information.
The mesh bags worked great at first then stretched out a bit more than we wanted. That said they're currently stored with the pool toys and I plan to let the kids choose if they want to use them in the summer. Screenshot taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.

Looking back I could go either way on these bags. They look amazing with the sea star diving toys I later bought but they did stretch out larger than I realized they could. I still have them stored with the pool toys so the kids can use them next summer if they want to or I could switch them to their intended produce purpose too.

The bag is weighted down taking the entire height of the image with several starfish and some goggles trapped at the bottom.
Although stretched out I kind of loved how they looked with the starfish diving toys caught inside.
Image shows the one bag being swung back and forth while to the right the other one is behind Zoey's back being carried on a pool noodle.
Whether swinging the bags or slung over the end of a pool noodle the kids liked using the bags last summer.

Bath Basket for Dripping Toys

In that same visit I found the RÅNEN bath basket with the shower accessories and immediately realized they would be perfect to store our wet swim goggles, swim caps, and later diving toys in our garage. Since the basket was meant for the shower the pool water could easily drip out the bottom.

Image show the RÅNEN bath basket with two images and it's information.
The bath basket is perfect to carry the wet pool toys and the holes at the bottom are perfect to let the water drip out on the walk home. This screenshot taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.

I absolutely love this basket and although I bought it for storage at home it works great walking to and from the pool. I even started putting the basket itself, with just the toys inside, directly next to the pool and it even went into the water several times. I can totally see buying one or even two more of these so the kids can use them to carry their goggles and chosen toys to and from the pool with maybe an extra at home for all the miscellaneous accrued swim toys.

Image shows the mesh bags, goggles, cap, and diving toys all tucked inside the plastic basket.
The original idea was to use the basket to store all the wet items when not in use.
Image shows the bags off to the left with the toys inside and the caps and goggles over the back edge.
When everything was wet I could see spreading it out along the top of the basket and, once dried, tucked back inside.
Image shows the girls behind the basket holding the bags and putting starfish inside them.
Then whenever it was time to go the kids could grab a bag, their goggles, maybe their swim cap, and a couple pool toys before heading out. A one stop shop.
Image shows the basket set on a tree root with the purple pool noodles stretched out but set in place with the handle.
I even once used the basket handles to help hold the pool noodles in place when I carried everything home as the kids were too tired.

Sewing Room

Fabric Storage Shelves

At our last home I kept my sewing machine in our shared office and, at first, stored my fabric in plastic bins in the closet. Several years ago I upgraded that fabric storage by putting three four by one Kallax shelves in the closet. Over time I realized rolling my fabric to fit worked best and I loved that I could see it all so easily. After the move we decided to put the sewing machines in our bedroom and I moved the shelves against the wall where they'd be easier to see without closet doors getting in the way. With the lack of additional shelving that was in our old office and the increase in fabric since I originally bought the shelves we decided to buy two more two by four shelves to match the first ones. Although I haven't bought any of the KALLAX accessories, yet, I love the knowledge that I can change up the organization in the future or even split up the shelves if I so desire!

Image show the three images of the Kallax products beside an image of an accessory.
This screenshot of the Kallax shelves search result was taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.
Image shows the new and old shelves side by side holding fabric and crafting supplies.
I love how I could roll up the fabric and see it all so easily without unstacking bins. I was able to use the other shelves for books and other supplies too.


Idea: Recycling Bin to Hold Outdoor Salt

Like the kitchen set above this is an idea that popped into my head and I figured I'd include it in case it's useful to you. If it is please let me know in the comments below! Anyway I wonder if you can use the SORTERA recycling bins from IKEA to hold ice melt, rock salt, or gravel for when you have icy sidewalks. We don't need it often so although I bought ice melt this year I haven't justified implementing this idea quite yet.

Image show two SORTERA products alongside it's information.
This screenshot of two of the SORTERA recycling bins was taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.

Side note: when trying to remember what to call this, it's been awhile, I came across this helpful post from Family Handyman telling the different between ice melt and rock salt. Quick tip their chemical composition is different so ice melt is better if you frequently have temperatures below 5°F while rock salt is better if you rarely dip that low. Either way it mentions mixing with sand for extra traction which would make this method still work as you could pre-mix it in the bin. I can totally see this bin sitting right inside or outside your garage or front door. To make for easier sprinkling I also pictured adding a scoop kind of like the ones in the bulk section of the grocery store. That said, when I purchased mine the store only had ice melt and I haven't upgraded it from the bag it came in and, when the weather got cold, simply grabbed a random container to sprinkle it with.

Image shows a double row of bulk bins each with its own scoop or tong.
Screenshot taken from Yellow Pages shows an image of Bulk Barn with the metal scoop in the food like how I picture them in the SORTERA bin with the ice melt.
Image show the Ikea 365+ scoop set with two images and it's information.
I saw that Ikea sells a set of two metal scoops but the above link mentions as "both ice melt and rock salt are salts [they] can cause corrosion to concrete and metal" so I'm imagining a more plastic scoop instead. This screenshot taken from Ikea on August 25th, 2023.

These were some of the ideas I came up with during the course of setting up our new home that you may find helpful. If you have any additional ideas please share them in the comments below. And I hope you're having a great day!

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