Our Incredibly Simple "Bunny Ears" Hairstyle

Our Incredibly Simple "Bunny Ears" Hairstyle

This year at school Zoey had a themed Zany Hair Day. A couple days before the scheduled day I was walking home from school with her and brought it up. On her very own she decided she wanted bunny ears and so I talked it over with her, came up with a simple idea, and sketched it out to confirm we were on the same page once we got home. She adored them and thus these bunny ears were born. She had an absolute blast showing them off at school and, miraculously, they were still in when it came time to pick her up and they stayed in and were adored until bedtime.

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If you’re looking for other hairstyles that would work for themed hair days two years ago I posted about Ada’s Dinosaur Themed Crazy Hair Day. There I used floral wire as a scaffold attached to a toy dinosaur and combined it with Ada’s hair and elastics to keep it all in place. The next year I followed similar steps to attach a toy mermaid to her and then French braided around it to hold it in place. This year it was much more simple and Zoey absolutely adored it making it all the more perfect. So without any more ado here are the bunny ears:

That day I grabbed my reMarkable when we got home and quickly sketched out my idea to confirm that it matched Zoey’s expectation. I drew a circle for the head, added eyes and a mouth, before working on the hair. I started out with the parted hair and two ponytails to show the first step with the pigtails. I then added a braid going up and then immediately back down on the one side to show the braided hair looped back to make an ear. I then scribbled another ponytail tie on top of the first and added some loose hair to show how it would be secured. Zoey loved it so far. I then explained how it might not stand up and might instead flop over as I sketched out the other possibility on the other side. She loved it either way and the plan was born!

Sketch sewing a circle-ish head with wide eyeballs and a smiling mouth. The one pigtail has a braid going straight up and then back down while the other one is folded over while still being two layers thick.
Quick sketch of the plan. As I drew it out I explained to Zoey what I was thinking while also cautioning her that the ears may stand up or flop over. She was on board with the plan.

The night before I had Zoey lay out four ponytail ties along with her clothing for school so we’d be all ready to go. That morning I had her point out her two favorite ponytail ties and set them aside so they’d go on last and be more visible. After brushing her hair I divided it into two halves and made the two pigtails coming out from the top of her head. I used the two darker ponytail ties she didn’t like as much here as they’d be mostly hidden by the other ones later.

Once I had the two pigtails I chose a side, split the hair coming out of the pony into three, and braided it as far as I could go. I then folded it in half, made sure the loose ends went towards the center of her head, and grabbed the purple ponytail tie to keep it in place. I then duplicated this process on the other side and locked it in place with a pink ponytail tie. This resulted in two braided loops standing straight up and looking exactly like bunny ears. The mission was a success and Zoey was so happy once she looked in the mirror and saw how it looked!

Image taken from above and looking down showing the perfect mid-point highlighting this process.
I didn’t take too many photos as I did this but I made sure to get this one halfway through. It shows the right side with the simple upright ponytail highlighting the first step. The other side shows the next step with a folded over braid fixed in place with a purple hair tie.
Image is taken from the front showing the two looped braids sprouting out from two pigtails. One has a grey ponytail mostly hidden within a pastel purple one while the other one is black inside a pastel pink ponytail tie.
I then quickly snapped some photos from the front…
Same image but this time taken from the back. In addition to the ponytail ties you can also see the wisps of hair ends meeting and crossing between the two ponytails.
… and the back. I love how upright the ears stayed.

Zoey absolutely adored the bunny ears and after school told me how many people told her that they looked adorable. We had plans for a playdate that afternoon and she loved showing her friends and kept them in until we took them out at bedtime. I’m so glad she loved them and I especially love how simple they were to do after the previous two years of dinosaur and mermaid themed hairstyles from her sister. I could also see this being perfect for any bunny-loving day rather than just Zany Hair Day and you could easily change it a bit to fit many other animal ear styles too.

If this helps you out and/or you used it to create a different idea I’d love to hear how it went and what you did in the comments below. Either way hope you’re having an awesome day!

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