My Simple “Deep Fried” Pickles

Image shows four pieces of rye toast, four browned and cheese wrapped pickles, and a side of tart yogurt dip.

Before moving to the United States about eight years ago I splurged on deep fried pickle spears at Sherlock Holmes pub whenever I could. Once moving down I slowly came to the realization that I couldn’t find them anywhere. Whenever I did think I found them, in stores or restaurants, I quickly realized they were instead sliced and not spears which are totally not same... not enough pickle juice. When visiting Alberta again pre-pandemic I found them everywhere, over ate, and still regret not ordering it at the last restaurant we went to that had them. That’s why when I saw this cheese wrapped and fried pickle concoctions I knew I needed to try it! Here’s how I made it!

Pinterest-geared image showing two photos (also shown below) of the finished pickle spears, my post time, and my main URL.


I first came across this on an Instagram video post from EmilyVonder back in February last year on a Friday before winter break. I know it was then as I didn’t want to make it when the kids were home and so waited on edge until they went back to school, after the break, to try it myself. It was amazing, although greasy, and I immediately planned to share it with you and quickly added re-finding the video to my todo list so I could share a screenshot and link.

Image is a screenshot of a TikTok video showing a single cheese fried pickle to the left and a container of pickle dip on the right. The top says "Stitch incoming" and emilyvonder's info is along the bottom.
Her video started with the original post she saw on TikTok featuring the finished pickle and the accompanying pickle dip. As per comments this “first dip… is from Costco or Sam’s club [and is a] fried pickle dip. The one I used is from Cub the southwest ranch dip by Marzetti”. This screenshot is taken from Emilyvonder’s instagram video in February 28th, 2023
Image is now dimmed as the bottom of the screenshot shows emilyvonder's info along with the caption of the video post. The screenshot itself shows a marbled cheese on a frying pan with a pickle in the center and some cheese being scraped up to wrap around it.
Apparently she used a cheese wrap, melted it down, and added a giant pickle to the center. It looked amazing!. Screenshot, including caption, taken from Emilyvonder’s instagram video in February 28th, 2023

After making my version, loving it, and then making it another couple of times, with more photos, I realized I should jump into writing this post. Right before I could I came across another Instagram video featuring a slightly different spin on this pickle idea and quickly snapped another screenshot to share with you. This one uses different cheese, has you sprinkle garlic powder on the melted cheese, and, in the updated post, includes flaming hot Cheetos.

Another Instagram video screenshot this time showing a man's face holding a crispy cheese wrapped pickle concoction over a plate. The caption starts with "That CROONNCHHH!".
This version fried the cheese longer and looked like it was less sloppy but harder to roll the pickle in. He sprinkled the melted cheese with garlic powder, included several smaller vertically sliced pickles, and added some flaming hot Cheetos. This screenshot was taken from iamcoreyb’s instagram video on March 9th, 2023.

My Version

When I first saw the video I had recently bought pre-sliced pepper jack cheese from Costco along with having their bucket of quartered pickles. It was meant to be made and did in fact taste amazing.

Image shows two vaguely pickle shaped items on a plate with a napkin of to the side. The green pickle sticks out the end and there's an odd white spot amid the orange-browned cheese outer shell.
The first time I made two cheese wrapped pickles and fried them just long enough to make their outsides all crispy.
Image shows a bowl of leftovers with melted cheese on top to the right and a plate with a half eaten fried and cheesy pickle on the left. On either dish there's marbled rye toast.
I had a leftover mix of egg, potato, and green pepper so the next time I made it I nuked some of that, added some more cheese, and paired it with the pickles and a slice of marbled rye. It was a bit rich and greasy but oh so perfectly incredible!

I did, at one point, make sure to pause while making this and snapped some photos for you. Specifically, to make this I grabbed quartered pickles, dried them off a bit, melted some sliced cheese on my crepe pan, placed each pickle on a melted cheese slice, folded the cheese around it, and then carefully flipped the whole thing over to finish frying.

Image shows she early steps of the melted cheese and just wrapped pickles.
To the left are the cheese wrapped pickles while the right side shows some sliced cheese melting and ready for a pickle to be thrown on top.
Image shows more steps of the melting cheese, just wrapped pickles, and the flipped ones.
I tried to demonstrate each step in this photo by showing the process from the right side and going counter-clockwise. To the right is a dried off pickle waiting for the just placed cheese to melt on the right side of the pan. The top was recently placed and wrapped while the left two have been wrapped and flipped already.
Image shows four browned cheese wrapped pickles simmering in the excess grease.
As I cooked more and more grease built up in the pan but the pickles themselves looked and smelled so good.
While heating I made sure to move them around to soak up all the grease.
Once the pickles were done I had the bright idea to soak up the grease by pan toasting some seeded rye bread to go with it.

During this process I whipped up a quick dip by grabbing a small dish and adding some plain yogurt, a sprinkle of garlic powder, and a dash or two of lemon juice. After quickly mixing it together I dished it up along with the cheesy fried pickles and the toasted seeded rye bread.

Image shows four pieces of rye toast, four browned and cheese wrapped pickles, and a side of tart yogurt dip.
Although rich the yogurt dip did help temper it enough to enjoy.

Later on I changed up the recipe by using different cheeses, whole pickles, and different dips. I even, after moving, found the pickle dip mentioned in Emilyvonder’s instagram video which made me make it again, this time, for the family. It was just as good as I remembered it though richer with the dip.

And with that I wish you a great day. Let me know in the comments below how it goes if you make it and how you changed it up!

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