My Simple and Fun Autumn LEGO® Bonsai Tree

My Simple and Fun Autumn LEGO® Bonsai Tree

When October first rolled around I started seeing a bunch of Halloween-themed bonsai trees in the Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOLs) Facebook group I’m a part of. This eventually led to me taking my own bonsai tree, stealing autumn-themed pieces from my other LEGO® sets, and creating my own autumnal spin on the tree. I love how it turned out and I had to share it with you in case it might also inspire you to make your own creation too.

Pinterest-geared image showing three photos of my completed bonsai tree, the blog post's title, and my main URL. All three images are also found below.

First, in case you’re interested, these are the two main images that inspired me to take my bonsai tree (10281) and make it my own for the season:

Image is a collage showing two themed bonsai trees side by side. The one on the left is Halloween themed while the one on the right is more autumn rather than scary.
The photo on the left is titled Halloween Bonsai while the photo on the right was titled Autumn Bonsai. Both photos, and links, go to the AFOLs Facebook group.

I didn’t want to take too much time buying more LEGO® for this project and I kind of wanted to see what I could come up with on my own while using the LEGO® we already had especially as my last several kits seemed to include pumpkins. Thus I went around and stole pumpkins, leaves, and more leaves from all my built kits. Basically anything that came in shades of brown, yellow, orange, and light green were nabbed.

Image is a collage of four photos showing the kits I got the parts from. Specifically each kit is named and linked to in the caption below.
My Bookshop (10270) had a poplar tree with yellow and green leaves in front of the building (top left) and, out the back, a mini garden with a baby and medium pumpkin inside (bottom right). The Tree House (21318) I bought a while back had a couple pumpkins near the picnic table (top right) and a whole bunch of large yellow leaves (limb element – 2417). My Medieval Blacksmith (213125) also had a pumpkin patch offering a range of stages including the bloom to a full grown orange pumpkin (bottom left).

Once I collected the leaves and pumpkins I realized I didn’t have anything Halloween-esque so I checked out the kids collection and asked Ada if I could borrow her spider web. She told me yes but only until Halloween so after that the Halloween bonsai lost it’s spiderweb turning it less scary and more Thanksgiving-themed leading up to the American holiday. Once I had all the potential parts I needed laid out I got to work prepping my bonsai tree by dumping the little dirt pieces (flat tile 1×1, round 35381) out into a bowl, for later, and removing the green leaves carefully while leaving the branches in place for my new construction. All the green pieces I removed were put into a ziplock bag so I could easily find them later when the bonsai needs to be reverted. Once the tree was ready I then started constructing my autumn themed bonsai and, in the process, used every single pumpkin, all three mushrooms, and all of the adorable little leaves (32607). For the spider web itself the only spot that seemed possible was underneath the branches so I used a small green flower to attach it to one of the branches. Once I was done I cleaned up all the extra pieces and used the tree as a display by my computer and then, later, on the kitchen table.

Image is a collage of six images. The right two thirds are two images above each other. On the left side are four smaller images stacked. The caption explains each one.
I started with the green leaf version of my bonsai tree (top right) and removed all the green leaves leaving the branches bare. Then, using images from the left going down, I used a single green flower to attach the spider web, laid out all my pieces for a photo to help remember where they all go back, removed the little dirt pieces to add back when done, and got started decorating the tree. Once done I place it by my computer and, at one point, stole all the little Star Wars LEGO® pieces my husband had to see how long it took him to notice.

And with that the tree was done and looked great! Here it is in all it’s glory:

Image is the tree taken from below looking up at the spider web and one of the branches.
Side view of the autumn bonsai tree.
Front view of the autumn bonsai tree.
Another angle looking up at the tree from below. This time the other side from the spider web.
The other side of the autumn bonsai tree.
The back of the autumn bonsai tree.
The angled front view of the autumn bonsai tree.
Closeup of the top of the tree taken from below.

I am so glad I saw the themed bonsai trees on the Facebook group as it compelled me to make my own autumn-themed bonsai that looks great on display. I’m already debating whether I should make a Christmas themed one or go back to one of the default displays after Thanksgiving. I haven’t really forced myself to decide yet. That said, I’m not looking forward to returning each piece to it’s own display and reconstructing it… although that’s a plan for after Thanksgiving and not now.

Have you made your own MOC (my own creation)? If so what was it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below so feel free to share! I hope you had a great Halloween and are having an awesome autumn. Have a great day!

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