How to Quickly and Simply Tell Two Identical Pill Bottles Apart

How to Quickly and Simply Tell Two Identical Pill Bottles Apart

Several months ago I was looking for a better source of probiotics online. One thing led to another and I found Jetson Probiotics. Matt and I both ended up ordering a subscription and I quickly realized that it was difficult to remember whose bottle was whose. This is my simple solution I used to tell our bottles apart that I figured I’d share in case it can also help you out.

Pinterest image showing the blog title (How to quickly and simply tell two identical pill bottles apart), a "learn more at", and three images which can all be seen below.

It’s been several months now of taking Jetson Probiotics daily and although I’m feeling overall better I don’t know if that can be contributed to just the probiotics or not. I’m not associated with Jetson and wrote this post mainly for the trick but I have found that Jetson offers a referral link so if you want to try them you can use my referral link which will give you $10 off your first order and give me a $10 credit as well. If you are interested here is a direct link to their frequently asked questions page and their quiz.

Anyway for the first month, after signing up, Matt and I started out with two bottles each as we signed up for the month of probiotics (one bottle) along with a month of gut prep. With four new bottles on our counter I realized quickly I needed to come up with a system to tell them apart and keep them organized. At first I tried to mark the bottles with a pen or marker but found it hard to write with a pen and either way the text wasn’t obvious if you were in a rush. I then came up with the idea of using a custom coaster for Matt’s bottles and another custom coaster for mine. I put off making my solution so in the meantime I grabbed two different cloth napkins to use as coasters effectively telling Matt’s and mine apart without needing to worry about marking the bottles each month.

Image shows two purple "immunity" bottles and two "gut prep" bottles. In the fore front one of each rests on a black pizza adorned cloth napkins while in the background the other two bottles rest on a pink donut festooned napkin.

After the first month we went down to only one bottle each so they took up less room on the counter and I was able to switch out the two cloth napkins for a single one. This meant I knew my bottle was on the napkin while Matt’s wasn’t. This also meant it was more complicated as I had to remember to always put my bottle back on the napkin when I was using or moving it or else I’d question whose was whose.

Image shows two green "skin" probiotic bottles sitting on the counter. The right one sits on a black monster adorned napkin while the left one sits on the bare counter.

I soon came up with my brilliant but simple idea. I grabbed one of the kids’ ponytail ties and put it on my bottle of probiotics. This was much simpler as the ponytail tie stays on regardless of where I put the bottle, it’s also easy at the end of the month to simply move the ponytail tie to the new bottle, and it’s obvious whose bottle is whose.

Like the before photo this one shows two bottles sitting on the counter. This time there's no napkin underneath either of them and the right one has a pink ponytail tie around it's center.

Ever since then my bottle has worn a pink ponytail tie and it’s easy to see whose bottle is whose.

In case you’re interested in trying out Jetson Probiotics, no pressure either way, I wanted to share the referral link for $10 off one more time. If you are interested here is the direct link to their frequently asked questions page and quiz.

This was an incredibly simple idea but I figured I had to share it in case it helps you too in some way or another. If it does feel free to let me know in the comments if you used it for the same reason or for something completely different. I hope this post finds you doing well.

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