How I Made Our Quick and Simple Luggage Tag

The cover image displaying a suitcase with a superhero festooned tag hanging off the handle.

Over the Christmas holidays we took a flight together to visit family and as our suitcases were so old I bought a new set from Costco. As the flight time approached I pictured confusing our suitcase with someone else’s since the girls’ Costco jackets matches so many other ones at their school and I imagined the same issue with suitcases. Last minute I quickly looked up luggage tags online and decided to whip up a simpler version to make our suitcase stand out from all the others. This isn’t the more traditional one as I didn’t care about a removable card with information and only wanted it to be recognizable to us. This is what I did to create two tags in under fifteen minutes.

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Note: At the time I wasn’t sure if we were checking one or two bags so just in case I made two of these quick luggage tags. As such all progress photos will show two tags.

Before starting I momentarily debated carefully sewing two rectangles right sides together, turning it right side out, pressing it flat, and then topstitching it to close the hole and look amazing. I then looked through my leftover fabric scraps, saw the cotton lycra super heroine fabric, and figured who cares how perfect it looks let’s just get it done. As I chose a knit fabric I knew the edges wouldn’t unravel so I decided to go even more simplistic and leave the edges unfinished. As such I just needed to cut out two rectangles, slap them together right sides facing out, insert a loop of fabric at the top, and sew along all four sides to keep it all in place. Once sewn I trimmed the excess fabric from the edges being careful not to knick the strap or stitches and I was done.

Image shows the rectangular part of the luggage tags laid out side by side with the strap coming out the top. There are clips around the outside holding them together.
After looking over the scraps of fabric I was able cut out two long strips (to create the loop) and three rectangles. I put the two smaller rectangles wrong sides together and then folded the larger one in half also wrong sides together. I then took the long strips and folded them in half before carefully placing their raw ends inside the top of each of the rectangles. With the tags essentially made I clipped the edges so they wouldn’t come apart on the way to the sewing machine.
Image shows the same tags as before but now the sewing clips are gone and there's black stitching along the edges keeping it together and the strap on.
Normally I serge knit fabric but I wanted to be quick and not cut off the strap so I chose to instead simply sew along the edge this time. I also wouldn’t normally do a straight stitch on knit but figured no-one would take the time to pull the tag and pop the stitches.
Image shows the two tags looking bit more put together with straight edges next to the stitches. They stacked overlapping to the left with the right side of the image shows the trimmed away pieces.
I do have some pride in my work and took the time to carefully trim the excess fabric being careful not to knick the strap or the stitches.

Once made I set the finished tags aside and later, once the single suitcase was packed, I attached one of the tags to the top. To attach the tag all I needed to do was string it under the handle, pull the tag part through the strap’s loop, and then pull everything tight. And it worked! The tag stayed secured to our suitcase the whole trip and made it easier to spot when it came time to claim our bag. Voila a recognizable suitcase!

Image is taken from above looking down at the top of the suitcase showing the luggage tag attached to the strap and dangling down. Around the tag is cropped out.
I love how the tag stood out from the suitcase!

And with that I had two luggage tags that were unique enough that I’d easily be able to spot my suitcase(s) in the future and it only took fifteen minutes in total. I also love that I used a fabric I adored and that the two tags matched so if we had needed to take two suitcases I’d only need to keep an eye out for one type of tag.

Have you ever tried to make your own luggage tags? Did you make the more official looking ones with a spot for personalization or did you make one more simple and personalized to you like I did? I’d love to hear about it so feel free to share in the comments below. Hope you’re having a great day.

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