Discover My Family's Preferred Shampoo and Conditioner

Discover My Family's Preferred Shampoo and Conditioner

I often see people asking for recommendations for shampoo bars in one of the Facebook groups I’m in. The last time, when referring them to the earthling co., I realized that the website offers a referral code so I figured I’d make a post about my family’s shampoo and conditioner choices in case you’re also looking for something like this.

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The Adults

A while back I adored Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner as I knew it worked with my hair, it was easy to find, and I was able to buy bigger bottles so it lasted longer between store trips. At that time Matt used whatever shampoo I used so we didn’t have too many bottles cluttering our bathroom. Several times we considered replacing our bottles with a shampoo bar but we weren’t sure what exactly to use. Eventually Matt came across Liggett’s Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar on Amazon and switched over. At that time they didn’t have conditioner bars available but I eventually tried Matt’s shampoo bar for a couple weeks, along with Pantene conditioner, and found it left a residue in my hair that I didn’t like. I thought that was it and went back to my normal shampoo and conditioner but later stumbled across the earthling co. who offered both shampoo and conditioner bars. I decided to try them out, loved them, and never went back. Eventually Matt also switched over although he prefers sticking with a single scent while I jump between a couple different ones.

Image shows three boxes containing two shampoos and one conditioner bar. The left one is opened showing a white dappled pink bar while the shampoo and conditioner bar beside it are closed so you can't see it.
I love that they come in little boxes and smell so good! I’ve actually thrown my backup shampoo and condition bars into one of my bedroom drawers so they’re used as scented drawer sachets until I’m ready for them.

The scents for the shampoos and conditioners sometimes change but I normally buy the vanilla coconut or citrus sun ones. I find I go through the shampoo bars (3 ounces each) quicker than the conditioner bars (2 ounces) so I’ve started saving the conditioner slivers, whenever I run out of shampoo, so I can swap both bars at the same time and keep matching scents together. I then buy the odd extra shampoo bar so I can go through all the leftover conditioner remnants at once. For the current two bars I use a plastic soap dish on a ledge in the shower and place them side by side and it takes up so much less space than the bottles and looks way better than before.

Image shows the a screenshot from the earthing co. showing five different shampoo bars in a pair of hands next to information about them. In the caption there's a link to this website.
I love how amazing the shampoo bars look and smell. Screenshot taken from the earthling co. on July 5th, 2021.
Image shows a screenshot from the soap bar page showing all the scents offered along with a brief description.
Each product on the website features more information below it. It even gives a brief description about each scent so you can more easily shop online. Screenshot taken from the earthling co. on July 5th, 2021.
Image shows a screenshot from the soap bar page showing the ingredients used in the soap bars.
The ingredients are also listed, in this case for the shampoo bars, shown in this screenshot taken from the earthling co. on July 5th, 2021.
Image shows the a screenshot from the earthing co. showing seven conditioner bars stacking in a person's hand. In the caption there's a link to this website.
The conditioner bars are an ounce smaller and more solid looking than the shampoo bars. This screenshot is taken from the earthling co. on July 5th, 2021.

The earthing co. has several other products on their website in addition to the shampoo and conditioner bars. So far Matt and I both love the soap bars although he sticks with the calendula scented soap bar while I love the charcoal & kaolin clay facial soap bar. I’ve also bought two lotion bars (lavender and calendula scented) along with a jar of rosehip face lotion. These aren’t so much my favorite products as they leave a greasy residue behind so I prefer my bottles of Aveeno lotion instead although I’m still glad I tried the bars and I pull them out here and there.

Image shows the calendula bar soap next to the other soap scents offered on the earthing company website.
This screenshot shows all of the soap bars offered on July 5th, 2021 with the calendula one showing in the image.
Image shows a list of the soap bars offered along with the ingredients each one is made from. The link to this page is found in the image's caption.
The ingredient list for the soap bars are divided up by each scent. This screenshot is taken from the earthling co. on July 5th, 2021.
Image shows a pink soap bar with black streaks through it taken from the earthing company facial soap bar page.
I love the charcoal & kaolin clay facial soap bar although when I bought it it came in a circular shape. Not sure if just the shape changed or also the ingredients as the website (screenshot taken from the earthling co. on July 5th, 2021) now shows it in a rectangular shape.
Image shows a pink plastic soap dish on the wooden table with a pink and black streaked soap on top. A closed tin containing lavender lotion is leaned against the front of the soap dish.
I bought a multipack of plastic soap dishes from Amazon a while back so I use the one for my facial soap bar, normally sitting beside my bathroom sink, and another to hold both the shampoo and conditioner bars in the shower. The earthing co. also sells wooden soap dishes that I haven’t tried yet.

I made a point of sharing this company sooner rather than later as this month, in July of 2021, they’re offering 20% off your entire purchase sitewide with the code PFJULY at checkout. That said, if you’re reading this after July has past they do occasionally offer 20% off at other times over the year too. I normally wait until those points to buy extra shampoo and conditioner bars so I don’t have to worry about running out between the sales. Additionally, I have a referral code, here, that gives any new costumer $10 off if you spend over $25. Any successful referrals are supposed to give me $10 in points for the next time I make a purchase from their site. If you want to learn more about the earthing co. here’s a link to their frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The Kids

Back when the kids were babies we used to use Johnson’s wash and shampoo but over time we wanted to move away from that company. At one point we noticed Zoey getting eczema on her scalp so I really started looking for other shampoos and came across a company called California Baby. I love how they have a shampoo geared specifically for eczema so we started out with one small shampoo for Zoey and one for Ada before, over time, expanding into trying more and more of their products until we’re now buying half gallon sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bubble bath at a time. I can’t find a referral code on their website so I can’t offer you a discount. If you’re interested in learning more about California Baby I’ve linked to their frequently asked questions and shipping information for your ease.

Image shows a half gallon jug of holiday cheer! bubble bath with a pump bottle of calendula shampoo and bodywash to the right and a small hair conditioner to the left.
We started out with the smaller products and have since increased to the larger half gallon jugs so we can easily refill the smaller bottles and not have to order new ones as frequently.
Image shows all seven of their offered California Baby products taken from their website.
They offer a variety of products on their website. This screenshot was taken from their main (baby) site, on July 5th 2021, but they also offer products geared toward kids and fur babies.

I hope this helped you whether you’re looking for a new shampoo or conditioner bar source or just exploring more options. I hope this post finds you well and you’re having a great day.

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