About Simply Kyra

My name is Kyra and I launched this website back in October of 2017 to create a place to share any tips I come across that may be useful to you. I named this website SimplyKyra as it’s simply about me and the information I’ve come across living my life. The posts change based on the upcoming holidays, what I’m currently pursuing, and my daughters’ interests.

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A Little About Me

In middle school I enjoyed wood working and sewing while in high school I instead focused on fine art and especially enjoyed painting with acrylics. In college and then university I focused on the science side of things and put my art on hold to graduate with a degree in Computing Science with a bioinformatics focus. Almost a year after Ada was born and just when my maternity leave was ending we decided to move from Alberta, Canada to California in the United States. The lack of snow was an easy adjustment to make (though weird at Christmas). I’m now a stay at home mom to two beautiful daughters and, around the time I started this blog, jumped back into the creative side of things by buying a sewing machine and learning new concepts. More lately I’ve picked up coding again and the posts have changed to reflect that.

I had wanted to create a blog for many years (since before we had kids) and used this time and opportunity to start one and share with you any tips I come across in my day-to-day life that I think you may enjoy.

What this means for you

I love sharing fun crafts and ideas on activities your kids can do with you… though I also try to find fun ideas that your kids can do mostly on their own so you can enjoy a coffee and relax while watching them play. My earlier posts were from when my daughters were home with me so focused on simpler play, but that is now changing as they grow older.

I’m still learning, but hoping to offer diverse posts based on what I’m interested in at the moment or what the kids need, so there’s a fun flexibility.

If you’ve interested in learning more about your sewing machine and giving your kids a fun and educational book you can look into my quiet book series. I started them to give myself an opportunity to try out different functions on my machine. I created an in-depth four-part series on how I made my quiet book covers, a three-part series going into how I joined the two sides of my quiet book pages together, and then there are general posts on each specific page design. My posts also range from easy fun kid recipes to reusing your cardboard boxes for your kids to some fun downloads.

I am an affiliate through Candy Castle Patterns, Stitch Upon a Time, and Ellie and Mac. This means that I earn fees when you click on one of my links to either website and purchase a product. I make a point of only posting patterns I enjoy making… and hacking.

In addition to the affiliate codes above I’ve also used a couple of referral codes throughout my posts. You can find them using my referral tag here. My absolute favorite one is through the Balanced Life Pilates Sisterhood membership program. I’ve been a member since 2018 and am thoroughly enjoying it. With this referral you can join the sisterhood at any point in the year, without waiting for open membership, and will get, currently, a $20 discount. If you do I will also get $20 credited to my account.

I normally publish a new blog post every second Wednesday; though in the past this was more frequent. If you don’t want to miss any new posts you could also subscribe to SimplyKyra!

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Feel free to reach out at any time whether there’s something you want me to add to the website, if you have a question, or if you just want to connect. You can email me at mail@simplykyra.com or post a comment below. I post most frequently on Instagram (@simplyartsykyra) and sometimes on Pinterest (SimplyKyra ) though you can also subscribe to my Facebook page (@SimplyKyra) or Twitter account (@SimplyKyraBlog). Can’t wait to hear from you!

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