What I Made During the 2022 Sewing Challenge

This was the fifth year I’ve been with the 52 Week Sewing Challenge on Facebook and although I didn’t submit very much this year I loved seeing the posts within the Facebook community and, especially, love seeing all my makes in one spot. So once again I’m glad I kept tab with the challenge.

Pinterest-geared image showing a collage of 25 images, my post title, and my main URL. All images can also be found below.

I started these sewing challenges back in 2018 when I attempted to sew each week according to the challenge topic. I didn’t succeed and although it was stressful at times I found I improved my sewing greatly throughout the year and absolutely adored the new found community. The next year, in 2019, I decided to instead focus on sewing consistency and forgo the challenges if they didn’t serve me which I found much more enjoyable. Finally in 2020 I decided to fully embrace each and every challenge although I worried about vacations getting in the way. I needn’t’ve worried as Covid came, I stayed home, and this challenge gave me something consistent to focus on amidst the changes. I did submit each challenge and accepted them! That said it was a bit much so in 2021 I let myself reject and/or skip the challenges outright. This year I had wanted to focus more on sewing but found I instead preferred developing my own apps and instead gave more time to that. As such, when the Sewing Challenge group changed up their submission criteria so there was a new Google form each month I decided to change my approach too and only submit at the end of the month. I stopped paying attention to the challenges themselves but still kept track each time I sewed something. Thus when the reminder, set on my phone for the last week of the month, went off I could look at if I had sewn something, look over that month’s challenge topics, assign each project to a particular week, and submit them all at once. If I hadn’t sewn oh well. Thus this year had less submissions (only 25) but I came out of it more relaxed and still wanting to share.


I didn’t do much sewing this month; although I did wash my hot water bottle cover which led to me noticing a small hole at the bottom. This gave me my first submitted project as I flipped it the wrong way out and quickly serged the end closed.

Image shows a collage of three images showing a hole in a pink knit bag (top left), the serged and finished edge (bottom right), and the right side of the bag (center). Overtop it says "January" and "1st".


I doubled my sewing this month… but again it was quick projects that rejected the current month’s challenges. The simplest sew was hand stitching closed a ripped hanger on my housecoat I made back in December. The slightly more in depth project involved cutting a bath towel in half and serging the resulting two raw edges. This created two new floor mats to go with my newly bought bath towels making two complete matching sets. You can read about this project here.

Image shows a collage of two images showing a stack of folded matching towels (let) and the towel in question cut and serged (right). Overtop it says "February" and "1st".
Image shows a single image showing the ripped hanger with a green/teal border. Overtop it says "February" and "2nd".


With the break over the last two months I was able to ramp up my sewing this month. Looking back I think I decided to try to make a dent in my fabric stash, in particular the pricier custom cotton Lycra from Whimsy Baby Customs, and thus things were made. Years ago I had bought some underwear panel surprise boxes and so turned the ones my kids currently loved into long sleeved tops (either Ellie and Mac or Ragamuffin raglans) and shorts (Stitch Upon a Time Boxerwear). I then went through what I liked and stitched up my favorite Stitch Upon a Time patterns: two new bras, boxers for under my dress, and two new splurgy underwear. I also patched various skirts and older underwear.

Image shows four image showing the ripped underwear (top left), fixed underwear (top right), fixed orange skirt (bottom left), and fixed pink skirt (bottom right). Overtop it says "March" and "Week 1".
Image shows four image showing the ripped underwear (top left), fixed underwear (top right), fixed orange skirt (bottom left), and fixed pink skirt (bottom right). Overtop it says "Martch" and "Week 1".
Image shows a single image showing two bras. One with sushi and faces and the other with a family of bunnies. At the bottom it says in matching pink "March" and "Week 3".
This image shows two image with the large background image showing two underwear with cactus, super toast, and sushi. The smaller image shown in the bottom left is sushi shorts. Overtop it says "March" while the bottom says "Week 4".


My super quick project this month was fixing the hole in the kids bath towels I cobbled together the previous year. My favorite project was the Bluey-inspired toddler blanket toppers from Sweet Tickles Fabric which I turned into two afghans for our living room that both the kids, Matt, and I still adore. The more time consuming project was making the girls new swimming suits which resulted in this updated post if you’re interested in learning more. I essentially used two patterns: the Ellie and Mac raglan and the Stitch Upon a Time boxerwear pattern. The kids chose the fabric themselves from Boho Fabrics.

Image shows the two final blankets laid out beside and over top each other. Over it all it says "April Week 1".
Image shows a single photo of the newly fixed towels on either side of a curtain rod. Above it says "April" while below it says "Week 2".
Image shows a flat lay of Ada's cheetah print swim suit consisting of a long sleeved raglan and matching shorts. There's sharks where the Kamsnaps were placed on the placket. Below it says "April Week 3".
Image shows a flat lay of Zoey's palm frond print swim suit consisting of a long sleeved raglan and matching shorts. There's sharks where the Kamsnaps were placed on the placket. Below it says "April Week 4".


This month I was running out of steam but still went strong with technically four completed weeks. The first week I entered a quick fix when Ada pulled the Kamsnap from her woven placket on the new swim top. The rest of the time I batch sewed three Olivia tops for my girls using woven fabric giving me three weeks of challenges submitted although probably not accepted. That said Olivia doesn’t work too well with stiffer cotton woven fabrics so looking back I wish I had used a potentially more time consuming pattern than this simple go to one. If interested the cute Bluey-inspired fabric was once again from Sweet Tickles Fabric while I can’t quite remember where I bought the super-heroine fabric from. Let me know if you know and I’ll update it here.

Image shows two stacked images displaying the ripped placket (top) and the fix with two additional Kamsnaps of Ada's choice (below). Over top it says "May" at the top and "Week 1" on the lower right.
Image shows four images. The top one is angled showing the front of all three tops. The lower part shows the matching shirts on the left and right while the center shows the super heroine fabric. Over top it says "May" at the lower left and "Week 2-4" at the lower right.


This month consisted of required fixes and nothing else sewing related. The simpler fixes were Zoey’s rainbow backpack stuffy and my ripped armhole on my top. The more complicated one was the ripped deck furniture cushions which I carefully glued to stop the fraying and stitched closed. I took several photos for a blog post then realized that this wasn’t a true fix as the fabric was old and worn and quickly ripped again just from sitting on it normally. That said, if you’re interested in a blog post about this please let me know.

Image consists of two images. The top one is superimposed over the main one and displays the cloud only slightly sewn on showing the hole. The main image shows the finished and fixed rainbow. At the upper right it says "June" while it displays "Week 23" on the lower right.
Image consists of a collage of three  images. The left one shows the rip, the top right one shows the underside of the seam as it's being fixed, and the bottom right image shows the right side of the fix. Over top it says "June" while it displays "Week 24" on the lower right.
Image consists of a collage of three  images. The top one shows the fixed cushion, the bottom shows it partially fixed, and the center heart one sows the glued part before it's sewn. Along the center over the border it says "June Week 25".


Another month of quick fixes. This time Ada had holes in two of her nightgowns so I took them to my serger and quickly stitched them closed. Looking back this might be my last fix for her clothing as later she insisted on hand stitching the hole in her leggings herself. Based on the challenge topics I submitted these as week three and four. If you’re interested in the nightgown itself I’ve blogged about it years ago here (about halfway down under Patsy Skirt Mashed With The Olivia Top) if you’re interested in learning more. After these images were taken I unraveled the stitching and tied them off so they wouldn’t, hopefully, rip open again.

Image shows the white fixed stitches before they were tied off. Superimposed at the top it says "July" while along the bottom it also says "week 3".
Image shows the right side of the fixed dress with the new stitching coming off from where it's been fixed. They still need to be unraveled and tied off. Superimposed at the top it says "July Week 4".


My first month where I didn’t sew anything…. maybe I was gearing up for Halloween costumes.


In September I sat down with the girls and found out what they wanted to be for Halloween. After confirming Joann’s website had a sale we went searching in my fabric stash and online to recreate the costumes and, hoping they would forget, also purchased nightgown fabric for Christmas. I planned, purchased, waited, and prepped all month long and had just enough time at the end to submit these two garments in the knick of time. The top photo is our favorite Ellie and Mac Sweetie Pie Tunic and Dress pattern while the bottom was Ragamuffin Firecracker. Both were made with a thin black knit I already had on hand.

Image shows two stacked images displaying the front of the finished dress (top) and the dress with the skirt laid out into a circle (below). Centered along the bottom it says "September" and "Week 1".
Image shows two side by side images displaying the flat lay of the finished shirt (left) and Ada wearing the final top (right). Centered along the top and bottom, on the left side, it says "September" and "Week 2".


In October I was busy sewing up the rest of the materials needed for Zoey’s Black Rock Star Cat costume and Ada’s Carmen Sandiego. As such I was able to submit something each week which consisted of a hand stitched nightgown fix and necklace creation, a black cat tail, Carmen inspired red jacket (Ellie and Mac Duchess jacket), and a Carmen inspired hat (slightly altered Rebecca Page Sun Hat). All the materials were either on hand already (wire and elastic) or bought through Joann’s website (red flannel and fur trim). I will post about these outfits closer to Halloween and link back here.

Image shows two stacked images displaying the fixed nightgown (top) and the handmade and stitched on necklace (below). Centered along the top it says "October" and "Week 1".
Image shows two side by side images displaying the tail with the entire costume (left) and the tail against a brighter outfit (right). Centered along the top and bottom of the left side it says "October" and "Week 2".
Image shows two side by side images displaying a closeup of the final jacket (left) and a further away shot (right). Centered along the bottom of the left side it says "October" and "Week 3".
Image shows three images. The right one shows the final costume while the left side shows the hat. Top is on Ada's head and bottom shows the hat on the table. Centered along the top it says "October" and "Week 4".


After Halloween I decided to catch up on my coding so no new sews or fixes this month.


Finally Christmas time approached. The girls’ absolute favorite nightgowns are my mashup between the Rebecca Page Olivia top and her Patsy skirt using Joann’s Snuggle Flannel fabric. To make it I essentially just chop the bottom off of the Olivia bodice piece and sew it together with the skirt. Over time the girls have decided that they only want the elastic in the neckline and not the sleeve making it even quicker. As stated above I blogged about it years ago here (about halfway down) if you’re interested in learning more. And with two nightgowns each I was able to finish the year out with all four weeks submitted though only partially accepted.

Image shows four images each of the same dress pattern with different fabric. At the bottom it says "December" and "Week 1-4".

In the last month or so the current Sewing Challenge Facebook group posted that they’re going to move to a new group and archive the current one. They changed the format, to make it easier, and I haven’t looked into it too much at this point but I have joined the new group and plan to follow along and mark the challenges in my planner although I don’t know how much I’ll actually sew. If you’re interested in joining in too you can find the new group here!

Have you joined the challenge? How’s it going for you? Either way I hope you’re having fun with your sewing and you have a great 2023!

If you’re interested in getting any of my future blog updates I normally share them to my Facebook page and Instagram account. You’re also more than welcome to join my email list located right under the search bar or underneath this post.


My name is Kyra and I’m a computer programmer that decided to stay at home with my two beautiful daughters: Ada and Zoey. I created this website to share with you anything I come across in my day to day life that I think you may enjoy.

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